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Information Technology

Intermediate and Short Term Priorities

Posted on Monday, June 21st, 2010

The PPCIT decided to consider setting key technology priorities while the strategic plans are still evolving. The potential issues identified were:

  • private internet service for off campus users;
  • sale of long distance phone service to off campus students and alumni;
  • administrative software package;
  • lease/acquisition of PCs;
  • long distance phone service for off-campus students and others;
  • Internet Service Provider;
  • complete the network;
  • technology training for incoming students;
  • campus wide information system;
  • expansion of data access and decision support system;
  • universal access to e-mail;
  • e-mail as an acceptable medium of communication;
  • friendly classrooms (multi-media classrooms);
  • ability to fund large technology projects;
  • the decision to exempt some students from paying "mandatory" fees (computer and health) and not others;
  • technology as discipline-specific tools versus technology in delivery of instruction and student learning;
  • supporting technology in PLS;
  • the quality of computing technology on campus; and
  • how technology improves learning.
May 16, 1997