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Guidelines for the Use of Panopto at UNI

Posted on Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Panopto is a presentation capture software system. Since it is software-based, it allows the content creator (the person doing the presentation) to capture the video or audio or slides being presented at anytime and from anyplace once the computer being used has the Panopto client installed. Students or others can then view presentations/lectures to enhance their learning and develop a better understanding of the content.

A. Accounts

  1. Faculty and staff accounts are administered through the eLearning environment which uses the Cat ID system.
  2. For non-academic users who do not have an eLearning presence, use of Panopto can be requested and granted through ITS by going to the following link:

B. Compliance

  1. Content of recordings is the responsibility of the content creator and should be in compliance with UNI Guidelines and Policies, see for more information.

C. Property Rights

  1. Recordings created by users are covered under UNI’s policy on Distributed Learning and Intellectual Property Rights. See for more information.

D. Recording Retention

  1. Panopto recordings will be retained for two years from the date created.
  2. Content older than two years will be removed the first 2 weeks in August of each academic year.
  3. Notices will be placed in UNI-Online, through the UNI eLearning system, and on the ITS homepage in April and May of each year to remind those that have content older than two years that the data removal will occur in August.
  4. Creators of content will be responsible for archiving their own content.

E. Content Backups

  1. All creators of content on the Panopto system are responsible for maintaining backups of their original recordings.
  2. No backups of the recordings will be provided by ITS other than backups to restore the system should a catastrophic issue occur.

F. Training

  1. ITS-ET will provide training for faculty and staff on the Panopto system.

G. Liability and Release

  1. ITS is not responsible for the contents of recordings on the Panopto system. The content creator is solely responsible for the content placed on the Panopto server.

H. Maintenance Windows

  1. ITS reserves the right to take the Panopto systems off line at any time with little to no notice in order to perform unplanned maintenance.
  2. ITS will allow a one week notice for planned downtime.
  3. ITS will exercise best effort to perform planned maintenance during periods of low usage.
  4. ITS will communicate all PLANNED maintenance notices through UNI Online and the Blackboard and ITS Alert system and all UNPLANNED maintenance through the Blackboard and ITS Alert system.
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July 2011