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Information Technology

Future Use and Distribution of Computer Fee Funds

Posted on Monday, June 21st, 2010

Subject: final Student Computer Fees Author: at internet Date: 7/31/97 3:24 PM The proposal attached below was approved by the Cabinet. The PPCIT agreed to the following recommendations for policy changes to the Student Computer Fee: A fixed minimum yearly allocation will be made for the next three years to the following units in the amounts noted: * $350,000 to ITS with $100,000 to be set aside for areas which do not receive regular allocations. Proposals would be submitted from the vice presidents of these areas outlining the proposed use of the funds requested and how they would benefit students. Any unused portion will revert back to ITS for use in support of student technology. * $100,000 to Rod Library for acquisitions and maintenance of computer-based technologies, resources, and services of direct benefit to UNI students. These would include leased data bases, public access software and hardware, instructional hardware and software. * The balance of available funds would be allocated to the college deans who will decide among themselves on the most appropriate distribution [note also in the allocation table attached below that for FY97-98 the balance is reduced by the amount already earmarked for renovating certain, existing computing facilities]. In all cases, funds will not be released without the recipient first submitting a brief (one page) proposal with significant student input outlining the proposed use of the funds, consistent with the university technology vision, strategic plan, and especially addressing how the proposal will impact students. In addition, at the end of the fiscal year each recipient will submit a brief (one page) summary of how the funds were used and how they improved technology for students. Future renovations of facilities will be funded by the unit responsible for the facility from that unit's allocation instead of "off the top" of the student fee. Past recurring funds will be counted in each unit's allocation instead of coming "off the top". Any increases (or decreases) in funds outside the budget estimates will be allocated among the recipients in the same proportion as the 98-99 and 99-00 allocations (see below). Proposed Computer Fee Allocations *Average allocation only; if approved, the specific distribution of the total allocation for the colleges will be made by the deans