Notifications for Voicemail

Typically a voicemail is configured to send email notifications, but if for some reason this setting is not enabled or you wish to change it you can do so by logging into the UNI Voicemail web portal.

  • icon of message forwarding buttonTo log in go to and choose Web Access.
  • You will be redirected to authenticate to your UNI email account through the Google signin form. 
  • Once logged in choose Message Forwarding.
  • You should now see a popup with either an address that is currently in use or no address. If you wish to add a new one, click Add new forwarding address.
  • If you wish to change the settings for the currently forwarded address -- simply click on that address. You will get a page like the following:options for setting notifications
    • Fax: this option will send you documents that someone has faxed to you. This only applies for extensions set up with fax features.
    • Voice: this will send you a link to listen to a voice message left in your voicemail box.
    • Missed Calls: you will receive an email alerting you that you have missed a call -- the message includes a call back number.

If these settings are correct but you ae not receive email messages, please submit a Service Hub ticket.


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