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Zoom Installation Directions - Zoom at UNI

Posted on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

To immediately use ZOOM at UNI to host interactive video conferences, you will need to download ZOOM and log in to ZOOM using your CATID.


Here is how you can get started:


0. Go to from your mobile device and or computer


1. Scroll to the very bottom of the website and CLICK ON DOWNLOAD


2. Follow the instructions to download and install


3. Run Zoom


4. To log in and try ZOOM.US out for the first time, in the ZOOM.US application click or tap MEET NOW


5. If you have not logged in yet, you will now see a login screen showing three ways to log in. CHOOSE - LOGIN WITH GOOGLE icon.


6. In the log in window, ENTER YOUR FULL UNI EMAIL ADDRESS ONLY in the EMAIL field and LEAVE the PASSWORD ENTRY BLANK, CLICK SIGN IN. **This step will forward you to your CATID login


7. At the CATID login, log in using your CATID username and passphrase


8. Once you are logged in you will be prompted by the ZOOM application with ALLOW ACCESS - CLICK THE ALLOW ACCESS button

You will then be able to use ZOOM without any restrictions.

Remember that any people you invite in to a ZOOM meeting do not need to log in, they can just attend the meeting.

Here are a few links for more information on ZOOM.

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