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Information Technology

UNI and AT&T Partner to Offer Guest Wireless Access

Posted on Friday, June 20th, 2014

UNI, in conjunction with AT&T, is offering complementary wireless internet access to UNI visitors and guests via the attwifi network. This will replace UNI-Guest in all campus locations except the UNI-Dome and the McLeod Center.

The attwifi network is not intended for current UNI faculty, staff, or students. These users are encouraged to use the secure, encrypted WiFi-UNI network. Configuration assistance for WiFi-UNI is available here.

Users of attwifi should be aware that attwifi is not encrypted. Users browsing the internet on attwifi should avoid visiting non-secure (HTTP) web sites, accessing personally identifiable information, financial data, or information that is protected by privacy and security regulations such as PCI, HIPPA, FERPA, etc.

Users of the attwifi network will be treated as 'off-campus' users, and may not have access to all on-campus network resources.

Guests and visitors may use the guest network by selecting the attwifi wireless network, opening a web browser, and agreeing to AT&T's and UNI's terms and conditions. Technical assistance for attwifi is provided by AT&T. They may be contacted at (888) 888-7520.