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Transition to Google Calendar - May 7, 2012

Posted on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

UNI is migrating from Oracle Calendar to Google Calendar. Google Calendar is part of Google Apps and has been available to users since the migration to Google Mail.

If you are an Oracle Calendar user, please note the following:

  • Oracle calendar will be shutdown on May 7, until then it will remain the official calendar.

  • On May 7, Google calendar becomes the official UNI calendar.

  • Any events taking place after May 7 must be entered into Google calendar.

  • Historical calendar entries that you would like to keep, must be moved to Google before May 7.

  • Calendar entries can be exported from Oracle then imported to Google calendar.

  • Because areas on campus are migrating at their own pace, please remember to schedule campus wide events in both systems until May 7, even if your area is fully migrated to Google calendar.

  • Departmental resources will be maintained by the department and not maintained centrally.

  • Training on Google products, including calendar, is available from

While the Google Calendar product itself is enabled and usable, we are still working towards making Google Groups available. Google Groups will provide an easier and more flexible approach to sharing your calendar with a specific cross section of campus. Until Groups are available, only basic sharing features are available in Google Calendar.

Calendar Migration FAQ