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Information Technology

New Discounted Dell Configurations Available

Posted on Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Over the past few months staff from both Business Operations and Information Technology Services have worked with their counterparts at the other regents institutions to negotiate a new contract with Dell. This new contract has resulted in a new set of standard desktop and laptop configurations that are available at great discounts to University departments. These new configurations should be available for purchase via the University's Dell Premier website by end of business on Tuesday, February 23rd. You can find the Dell premier page from the ITS Departmental Purchasing Website.

Information Technology Services and Business Operations staff are working hard in conjunction with the vendor to make these new configurations available via the new iProcurement portal. Until that integration takes place, most likely sometime before the end of FY16, ITS and OBO request that all computer purchases be made via the standard requisition process and that departments avoid using their procurement card. When creating your requisition for purchase, please utilize the following category codes:

  • Desktop computer: 43211507
  • Laptop computer: 43211508
  • Tablet computer: 43211509

Please ensure that you consult with your collegiate or divisional technical staff if you or someone in your department has a need for a desktop or laptop that is not one of the new standard configurations. Your technical support staff will work with you to understand your needs and will be able to assist you in coming up with a suitable configuration.

If you have questions or concerns regarding purchasing via a standard requisition instead of your procurement card, please contact James Tanzosch, Purchasing Manager, Office of Business Operations, at 273-5811, or via email at; or Jon Westhoff, Purchasing Agent, Office of Business Operations, at 273-6246, or via email at

If you have questions or concerns regarding the Dell desktop or laptop configurations, please get in touch with the IT Service Desk at 273-5555, or via email at