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Information Technology

Campus-wide IP Phone Upgrade

Posted on Monday, February 1st, 2016

Information Technology Services plans to upgrade IP phones across the UNI campus on Saturday, February 6th, starting at 7:00AM and ending before 2:00PM. The phone reboot will take approximately 10 minutes. The only expected change to your phone's settings after this upgrade is that the ring volume will reset to default levels (this might be louder or softer than you had it set at previously). Answers to other frequently asked questions are at the bottom of this announcement.

The new firmware includes security patches and performance fixes. Minor style changes may be noticed in the phone menus, however, no major changes should be experienced. If, after the upgrade, you experience any issues or have any questions regarding your phone, please don't hesitate to contact the IT Service Desk at 273-5555, or via email at


Q: What changes do we expect?
A: We know that the phone's ring volume will reset to default levels (which may be quieter or louder than you had set). ITS is not aware of any other changes to your phone as a function of the upgrade.

Q: How long will my phone be unavailable?
A: The phones take approximately 10 minutes to apply the upgrade and reboot.

Q: Will my buttons change?
A: We don’t expect feature buttons or their order to change. If you notice an issue, please contact the ITS Computer Consulting Center.

Q: I’d like feature buttons to display on the main screen, is this possible?
A: Yes, please contact the ITS Computer Consulting Center to have this change programmed for you.

Q: Will I lose my call history?
A: No, call history and other items related to the phone (contacts, Etc) will not be lost.