Listen to UNI Voicemail Through the Web Portal

The new UNI Voicemail system sends you email notifications when a new voicemail has been left on your extension. You can login to the web portal and listen to messages at your convenience. The following document walks you through doing this.

Option 1: Access Messages from a New Message Notification

With the UNI Voicemail system, you will receive an email alert to your UNI Gmail account letting you know you have a new message waiting for you. It is important to note that your handset's new voicemail notification light should also turn on at this point. The image below shows what such an email might look like in your Gmail interface inbox.


Click on the message to bring it up in your email inbox. You'll notice some information about the message including the phone number that it is from. If the call comes from on campus, you'll see that person's name and campus extension listed in the email. In the case of the example below, the call came from off-campus. There are various choices you can work with right from within the email message. You can click Delete to delete the message from your voicemail box. You can click Mark as Read to mark the voicemail message as read in the system (note: this will also make your voicemail indicator light on your handset turn off). You can also click on View. This will open a new web page in your default browser and take you into your voicemail box to listen to the message in question.

If you were not logged into any other Google services in the web browser that opens, you will be prompted to login with your Google credentials. You might just need to enter your UNI email address and click Next. It will take you to the UNI CatID signin page. If, however, you are already logged into other Google services in that web browser, you'll be prompted to confirm that you want to use that same Google account with which to access the UNI Voicemail system. If you are logged in with your UNI Google account, you should click Accept.

You'll be presented with a UNI Voicemail website that will automatically start playing the voicemail for you. When you are done listening, you can click on the Delete button in the upper-right-hand corner of the web page.


Option 2: Access Messages From the UNI Voicemail Web Portal

You may also visit to log into the web portal directly to view your messages. When you arrive at the login page, click on Web Access.

You will be presented with the opportunity to choose how to authenticate. If you are not signed into your Google Apps account with UNI in your browser already, you will be prompted to authenticate using your Google Apps account. Type in your email address and click Next.

You will be brought to the web portal home page. You want to select Messages from the left-hand column.

Once you click on the Messages button above, you will be brought to your message inbox. You can click on the listing under the From column to listen to any voice message in your inbox. Use the buttons present to delete messages, move them to different folders, etc.

Adding the option to hear the message header

If you're missing the caller id and details for your voicemail messages played in the web portal you can enable this setting.

  • Once logged into the web portal go to the Settings column and choose Call.
  • In the dialog scroll to Telephony Options. From here you can check the box for Say Envelop Information

pop up menu with telephony options





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