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Security Request System - Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on Monday, September 28th, 2015

SRS (Security Request System) Frequently Asked Questions


What is the SRS system and why do I need to use it?

There are many reasons for the SRS system.  A good explanation of the system and what is does can be found at:


How long do I have to complete the workflow items?

We understand those back offices with large numbers may take weeks to get through them all.  All we ask at this point is that you spend some time each week focused on getting these done.  Our goal is to have them all completed by mid October.  As we approach that time, we will begin calling those not making progress.


Is there an easier way to process the workflow requests?

There are definitely some suggestions for being effective at processing these requests.    There are two documents referenced below which will help you be more efficient:

Steps for reviewing large numbers of workflow items:

Steps for sharing your worklist with subordinates:


I don’t know what these requests are for?  

There are over 1,800 different roles that can be granted here at UNI.  Each role has a description, which should contain information on what the role is, and how might need it to help you in this process.  This description is on the workflow documents shown to you when approval is requested.  All common roles should be well documented, however some of the less frequently used roles do not have their descriptions up to date.    The best thing to do if you are not certain what the role is for is to contact and give him the role name and he will work with the proper parties to clearly define the role.  Once updated your workflow documents will show the new definition.


When will rejected or unapproved roles go away?

For role requests being rejected, they will go away by mid October, we are not automating the removal of security yet as we want to make sure all is working as desired first.


What if I don’t approve or reject these requests?

The documents will remain in your work queue until they are processed by someone.    If regular progress is not being made IT staff will contact you to see how we can assist you.


Why are some of the workflow messages in my work list missing information?

We did identify a few bugs in the workflow process not caught during testing.  This impacts how the subjects shown in your worklist appear.  These issues have been fixed, and when you view the actual workflow document (shown when you click on the workflow item), all data should show properly.  If you find this not to be the case, please contact the IT Service Desk (X3-5555 or and ITS will research and fix the problem.


If you have additional questions, please let the Service Desk know and we can get you an answer as well as update this document!