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Information Technology

External Caller-ID Announcement

Posted on Monday, August 4th, 2014

As of Monday, August 14th, 2014, the UNI voice telecommunications system will begin providing actual extension number caller-ID for outbound external calling.

Historically, UNI displayed a general caller-ID telephone number (319-273-7840) for outbound external calls. For internal on-campus calling, the caller’s name and extension number has been shown on called parties’ digital display and VOIP telephones. However, for certain internal individual numbers and groups of numbers, alternate telephone numbers were displayed instead of actual extension numbers (UNI Police, Health Center, call centers, etc.).

With this change, for outbound/external local and long distance calling, the UNI calling party’s actual telephone number extension/caller-ID will now be provided (319-273-XXXX/319-222-XXXX). The UNI extensions displaying alternate telephone numbers for internal calling mentioned above have been extended so the alternate numbers will be displayed for outbound/external calling as well.  

Internal on-campus caller-ID will remain essentially as it has been provided.

Although we do not recommend the following for business calling, per-call blocking can be used if a caller has a need to block caller-ID on an individual outbound external call to be placed, as follows:

  1. Lift receiver/Press speaker button; receive dial tone;
  2. Dial *67; receive dial tone;
  3. Dial 9 + local number/9 + 1 + long distance number;
  4. Call will be processed; caller-ID will display “Restricted.”

Note: Called parties may reject calls with “restricted” caller-ID displayed.

For questions, please contact Randy Hayes at x37473 or