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Information Technology

Audio Production

Posted on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014


Audio Production Services produces many kinds of audio programming and makes high-quality copies of these materials. The UNI community may produce and duplicate professional sound recordings through our division. Narration and mixing studios are located in the Innovative Technology Teaching Center and are equipped to produce masters in most common analog or digital formats. High-quality, one-to-one copies may then be made from these masters or larger-quantity copies may be made by ITS/ET- Multimedia Distribution or ITS/ET- Production House.

Sound recordings may also be made on-location anywhere on campus. We perform the following services as applicable copyright laws allow:

  • Assist in the development of program ideas through production planning techniques.
  • Assist in the selection of, and provide, music and sound effects for audio production. See our effects database for sound effects that are available.
  • Assist in the selection and hiring of narrators for audio production.
  • Make high-quality copies of many common analog and digital audio formats.*
  • Record, mix, and edit narration, sound effects, and music in a studio or on-location.*


Call 3-6299 or email:

Requests for studio or location recording, mixing, editing and high-quality copies should be received at least one week in advance.


Many services are free, but some have a charge to help defray costs.

 A. Key to Costs: Those items in the "Range of Services" with a “*” symbol have an hourly production charge for each student worker assigned to the job. See the ITS/ET website for current rates. The other items listed are free of charge. Faculty, students, and staff may also have audio materials recorded, edited and copied at a favorable rate.

B. Media Policy: The master copy of a tape or disc is provided free-of-charge if the finished product is available to the university community by being included in the ITS/ET audio collection. For other situations, media costs are charged back to the client.