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Information Technology

Best Viewing Tips

Posted on Monday, September 20th, 2010

UNI web email and many University self-service applications, such as MyUNIverse, require a Web browser that supports secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, has cookies and Javascript enabled, and allows pop-ups.

Recommended browsers are:
Firefox 2.0.0 or higher
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher
Safari 4 or higher

Enable cookies in your browser

You must enable cookies to be set in your browser to access any of the secure documents within the MyUNIverse site. If you have not changed your browser settings, most likely cookies are already enabled by default during the browser install. If you have altered your browser settings you will need to re-enable cookies. Refer to your browser help for instructions.

Enable Javascript in your browser

  • Internet Explorer
    1. Open the Tools menu, and choose Internet Options.
    2. Click the Security tab.
    3. Use the slider to set the security level to Medium or lower.
    4. Click OK, reload this page, and try again.
  • Mozilla
    1. Open the Edit menu, and choose Preferences.
    2. Open the Advanced category, and click the Scripts & Plug-ins sub-category.
    3. Ensure the Navigator checkbox is checked.
    4. Click OK, reload this page, and try again.
  • Firefox
    1. Open the Tools menu, and choose Options.
    2. Select the Web Features category.
    3. Ensure the Enable JavaScript checkbox is checked.
    4. Click OK, reload this page, and try again.

How To Disable Pop-up Blockers Holding down the Ctrl key while performing an operation will temporarily disable most pop-up blockers. Refer to your browser's online help for information on permitting all pop-ups from trusted web addresses or see FAQ - Popup Blockers, UNI Sites to Allow.

Accessibility Support

Oracle Web Access supports a special accessibility mode optimized for screen reader software. Accessibility mode is available on Internet Explorer only. To enable accessibility mode, launch Oracle Web Access by clicking the Accessibility Mode button.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Documents in PDF format (Portable Document Format) require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. See Using PDF Files with Adobe Acrobat Reader for download and installation instructions.