Getting started with the softphone

Assistance from Information Technology will be required to setup the one-X communicator. Use of a VPN is required to make this software functional. This software does not work over Remote Desktop. Please submit a ServiceHub request to get started. 

Before you start

  • Please ensure you have access to a UNI VPN. Depending on which department you are in you might already have access or you may need to request it if you don't know. Read more on the IT website regarding VPN usage or submit  an issue in Service Hub.
  • You will need the PIN/password for your desk phone. If you don't know it fill out this service request.
  • If this your first time launching the application, choose to cancel the configuration wizard-- the software has already been configured.
  • This application only works on Windows computers issued by UNI IT.

Logging in and Setup

Launch the Avaya one-X Communicator. If it your first time launching the application you might be presented with a configuration screen, please close it. You should have a login screen as shown below.

You will be presented with login screen:

Avaya one-X Communicator Login

Enter your extension with your password (pin)

Select place and receive calls using This Computer

Once logged in: you can customize your audio input and output devices. 

  • Located at: Menu -> Settings -> General Settings

Avaya Menu Location

From there navigate to Devices and Services -> Audio

Avaya Audio Settings

You will have different audio devices listed - choose your connected microphone and speakers


The final step of the setup is to expand the dialpad and additional features

Expand the dialpad

Avaya Show Dialpad

Expand additional features

Avaya Show Additional Features


Placing a call

  • Placing a call is simply entering the destination number
  • DO NOT dial 9 • 1 before entering the number
  • Place call by clicking the "phone icon"
  • You can also extension dial (35555)

Avaya Placing Call


Answering a call

  • When someone is calling you will be presented with this notification

Avaya Answering Call

  • You may answer the calling using the left green button or decline the call by clicking the red right button


In call features

  • Mute
  • Hold
  • Transfer
  • End call
  • Conference
    • To start a conference call begin with having an existing call going
    • Dial another number
      • By dialing the other party - this will put the existing call on hold
    • ​​Once the other party is on the line - press the Conference button
    • Avaya Conference Button During Call
    • Choose which lines to merge together and click Conference
    • Avaya Conference Choices
    • Continue your call


Review missed calls

  • To review your missed calls click the Show Call Log in the top left corner of the application
  • You may also call back directly from this screen by clicking the phone icon to the right of the Name/Number

Avaya Show Call Log


Checking your voicemail

  • To check voicemail you will need to expand the additional features button on the right
  • It will have 2 arrow looking symbols
  • Once you click that button enter your voicemail password using the dialpad
    • Your voicemail password is 6 digits long 
    • To reset your voicemail password fill out this service request
  • Click here for additional voicemail information 

Avaya Check Voicemail

Transferring a call to voicemail

  • Click here for how to transfer a call to voicemail.



Aaron Howard - Network Architect & Manager, Network & Infrastructure Services
Ryan Dupuy - Network Engineer, Network & Infrastructure Services
Shane Folkerts - Network Engineer, Network & Infrastructure Services
Wesley Jones - Systems/Network Administrator, Network & Infrastructure Services
  • ITTC 36
  • (319) 273-5555
  • Service Hub