Forwarding a message in UNI Voicemail.

How to forward a message in UNI voicemail


After you listen to your message

To review press 0
To reply press 1
For message options press *
To skip to the next message press #

We pressed 1 to reply

Call back this person press 0
To forward press 2
To send a message press 4

We pressed 2 to forward

To add comments press 1
To forward without comments press 2

We pressed 2 for no comments

Please enter the destination mailbox number or to dial by name press *

We entered 35555
Any UNI Voicemail mailbox number would work, we choose 35555 for demo purposes only:

Is that correct
for yes press 1
for no press 2

We entered 1 for yes

Please enter the next recipients mailbox number or to dial by name press *, when you are finished press #

We entered # for finished

For message options press 2
To append to your message press 5
To save your message in draft and exit press 8
For more message options press *
To send your message press#

We pressed # to send

You will now be listening to the main UNI voicemail menu.


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