Departmental Purchasing

Office of the CIO manages several IT agreements for campus to provide hardware and software for university owned computers at an educational discount. Questions may be directed to Office of the CIO, 120B ITTC, 0301, (319) 273-2178.

Hardware (PCs, Printers, etc)


The way UNI departments can purchase Apple devices has changed! Please ensure to read the information below!

Departments wishing to purchase Apple hardware should place a request using the Service Hub online portal. This will ensure the request gets routed to the appropriate Information Technology support staff who can review the department's needs and recommend an appropriately configured device.

Once the IT staff and department have settled on a configuration, the purchase request and quote can be routed to the Office of the CIO in Information Technology. This office will coordinate all Apple purchases for campus moving forward to ensure we are receiving the best possible pricing from Apple as well as to ensure Apple device purchases are being tracked appropriately. It is important to note that Procurement cards should no longer be used to purchase Apple devices. Apple devices have to be purchased from Apple directly to ensure that IT staff on campus can manage the devices in accordance with campus best practices and standards.


Departments looking to purchase new Dell computers should utilize the new iProcurement store through Oracle eBusiness. For questions on this process, please get in touch with Molly Ungs, purchasing agent, Procurement Services, at 273-6448.

If you are purchasing via an equote and you are not set up as a "Buyer" in the system, please contact the IT Service Desk, at 273-5555, or via email at, to have this adjustment made to your account.


Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect provides faculty, staff and administrators with a web conferencing/webinar environment. Adobe Connect facilitates interactive meetings and presentations, training, collaborations, and many other events that one might wish to engage others in. A license is required for its use. Contact Rick Seeley for more information.

Adobe Creative Cloud Campus Licensed Program

Adobe Creative Cloud Campus Licensing provides students (only in UNI computer labs), faculty, staff and administrators with all of the following Adobe software.  This software is available for installation on all UNI computers.  The work at home option is shown in the Software & Hardware Personal Purchasing area of this web site.

Contact your IT support staff for installation. 

Acrobat DC
Aero (Beta)
After Effects
Camera Raw
Character Animator
Lightroom Classic
Media Encoder
Premiere Pro
Premiere Rush

Antivirus Software

Due to the explosive nature of viruses and spyware, any computer connecting to the UNI network must run current virus protection software. ITS provides Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection.

For more information on how to install this software, contact your computer support staff.

Apple Volume Purchase Program

Applications available from Apple via the App Store can purchased at a significant discount through the Volume Purchase Program. Most apps are available for 50% off when purchased in quantities of 20 or more. You can place a request using the Service Hub online portal.

For more information about setting up your university owned iPad, submit a ticket to Service Hub.

Identity Finder

Identity finder prevents data leakage and protects sensitive information no matter where it exists. Identity Finder searches and secures confidential data and prevents data breaches at the source. The current site license renews in June, 2013. Contact your tech support staff to have Identity Finder installed on your computer. For more information, visit


The Mathematica (unlimited) site license is an inclusive three-year contract between Wolfram Research and Iowa State Board of Regents Universities. Wolfram Research provides an unlimited number of copies of Mathematica for use on university-owned computers, access to their technical support team, home use for faculty and paid teaching staff, and automatic upgrades as they are released throughout the term of the agreement. Home use for students is also provided with this agreement. The agreement runs through December 31, 2014.

Request Mathematica  and download through the Wolfram User Portal. For more information, contact ITS Administration, 120B ITTC, 0301, (319) 273-2178.

Microsoft Campus Agreement

The Microsoft Campus Agreement is a subscription based agreement that allows the university to license and manage desktop and server software. The program allows licensed users to run the most current version of the software products included in our subscription. The current vendor is GovConnections. The current contract expires August 31, 2018. For pricing or information, contact ITS Administration, 120B ITTC, 0301, (319) 273-2178.

To purchase software, please follow these instructions:

Complete an Interdepartmental Requisition with the following information:

  1. The product description, quantity and price.

  2. Include the account number to be charged for the products selected.

  3. For each item purchased, please include the following information about where the software will be installed:

    1. Faculty/Staff member name

    2. Location (building and room #)

Send the signed Interdepartmental Requisition to: ITS, Attn: Microsoft Campus Agreement, campus code 0301


Panopto is a classroom capture software that allows you to create, save, search and share rich media presentations instantly with your students. The software can be installed on Mac or Windows machines. All you need is a microphone and a computer to get started.

For more information about Panopto and how you could use it for your classes, visit

RealPlayer (Enterprise Version)

RealPlayer Enterprise is a media player designed and optimized for education deployment. RealPlayer Enterprise provides many of the features of RealPlayer client popular with home users, but without the advertising, user registration and consumer features that don't belong in the workplace. Using the Configuration Tool, you are able to create a single client application for all your IP-based media needs. Download RealPlayer, contact your technical support staff or the IT Service Desk for more information.


Respondus is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Blackboard. Download the Respondus Software and Installation Password. Contact your technical support staff or the IT Service Desk.

ReadWriteGold - Home Use

Read/WriteGold, award-winning literacy support software, gives an added boost to people who need support with reading, writing and learning by making support tools available right at their fingertips.

Download the Windows and Macintosh ReadWriteGold version. Contact your technical support staff or the IT Service Desk.


SAS is a leader in business analytics software and services. The university has a campus license for SAS Education Analytical Suite, SAS/GIS, and SAS/SPECTRAVIEW.  For more information about installing this software on university-owned equipment, contact your local technical support staff or Office of the CIO, (319) 273-2178.


Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) is a computer application that provides statistical analysis of data. It provides in-depth data access and preparation, analytical reporting, graphics and modeling. The university has a campus license for SPSS that renews on April 1st each year. For more information about installing this software on university-owned equipment, contact your local technical support staff or Office of the CIO, (319) 273-2178.


Turnitin improves the student writing cycle by preventing plagiarism and providing rich feedback to students. It ensures original work by checking submitted papers against 17+ billion webpages and 200+ million student papers and leading library databases and publications. For more information, visit

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Cisco's VPN Client establishes an encrypted VPN tunnel for highly secure remote connectivity. The software uses UNI active directory credentials. To get started , visit or contact your technical support staff or the IT Service Desk.


  • ITTC 36
  • (319) 273-5555
  • Service Hub