Data and Voice FTE Chargeback model

Data and Voice FTE Chargeback model

The Data and Voice FTE chargeback model was developed to support expenses related to voice services, data services, network equipment, Internet connectivity, physical infrastructure, and a portion of IT staff to support these services.

Under this model, a charge of $40/FTE/month will be charged to all general fund and auxiliary departments. For general fund accounts, charges will be reserved at the beginning of the fiscal year and departments will not see the charge in their eBusiness monthly reports. For auxiliary units, a charge will be seen on a monthly basis in eBusiness.

Example: An employee's salary is split between two different non-General fund accounts. On a monthly basis, staff reviewing eBusiness charges will see $20 charged to the first account and $20 charged to the second account.

Exceptions: Per rules defined by Research and Sponsored Programs, Data/Voice FTE charges will not be applied to grant funded accounts.



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