Citrix and Duo

Duo is UNI's multi-factor authentication system used to protect accounts. Duo is currently integrated with Citrix to protect access to the Citrix Workspace. 

There are a few factors if you will need to authenticate with Duo to gain access to your Workspace desktop or application, they are: 

  1. Duo Enrollment 

    • Currently, all faculty and staff are enrolled in Duo.

    • Not all students are enrolled in Duo. If you are not enrolled, you won't need to authenticate with Duo.

If you are enrolled in Duo you will be required to authenticate with Duo. Depending on how you are accessing the Workspace, there are two behaviors to expect. 

  1. Accessing the Desktop or Application via the Citrix Workspace application
    1. When you are accessing a desktop or application via the Citrix Workspace Application, Users will receive an "auto-push" (Duo Push notification or phone call) on your first available device.
      • This is different than other applications that use Duo to authenticate, so just know that if you are enrolled in Duo, you will need to authenticate before accessing workspaces.
    2. If you experience either of the errors or issues below, Duo could be waiting for you to approve the authentication. 
      Spinning Error      Did not connect
  2. Accessing the Workspace through the web browser at
    1. After you navigate to and enter your CatID and Passphrase you will see the Duo Prompt. 
      Duo Prompt in Citrix
    2. Decide which authentication method you would prefer and follow standard procedures. 
    3. If you send it through the Duo Push, which is the recommended method, expect a push from Citrix NetScaler VDI
      Duo Push Citrix NetScaler VDI




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