Administrative Information Systems

The Administrative Information Systems (IT-AIS) unit provides a complete set of services to meet the university-wide needs for administrative computer applications.  These services include coordination of the design, development or acquisition, and improvement of university-wide enterprise administrative computer systems applications as well as specialized and departmental systems using standard tools and processes that emphasize quality and reliability. The core systems include:

  1. Student Information System (SIS), which facilitates admission, financial aid, enrollment, advising, housing, and maintenance of student records.
  2. Financial Information System (e-Business), which facilitates management of university finances, human resources, and payroll.
  3. Document Imaging (OnBase), which allows for scanning, encrypting, securing, sharing and providing basic workflows across the university.
  4. Data Warehouse, which consolidates information from many university databases in a form that is accessible for faculty and staff to use with a variety of reporting and analysis tools.
  5. University Portal (, which provides personalized access to a multitude of applications and services for students, faculty, and staff.  

IT-AIS partners with university offices, including Admissions and Financial Aid, the Registrar's Office, Business Operations and Financial Reporting, Human Resources, Payroll, etc., to ensure that our systems meet UNI's business requirements.  Our overall goal is to provide systems that enable smooth, seamless administrative support for the teaching, learning, and research efforts of the university.

In addition to the campus wide systems, we have a specialized systems team that administers and supports a number of very focused information systems including but not limited to the library, public safety, student health center, department of residence and numerous other areas.

IT-AIS provides centralized identity management and authentication services for the university community.  This CatID authentication system provides the capability for end-users to use the same username and password across many applications that are hosted both here at the university as well as cloud based systems hosted elsewhere.

Recent Updates

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Aaron Thompson - Manager Database & Systems Admin Team
Alex Butler - Systems/Applications Administrator
Brian Sellers - Systems Architect / Specialized Systems
Carson Turner - Asst Systems/Applications Administrator
Chad Wittrock - Senior Systems Analyst/Web
Cody A Cummings - Programmer Analyst/Systems
Cody Scheer - Senior Programmer Analyst/Web
Connie Ketterer - Systems Analyst/SIS
Dale E Hartz - Systems/Applications Administrator
Dennis Johnson - Systems Analyst/SIS
Dillan Trunck - Senior Programmer Analyst/ERP
Emily Cahalan - Senior Systems Analyst/Financial
Erik Guetzlaff - Database/Systems Administrator
Holly Jongedyk - Senior Programmer Analyst/Web
J.C. Last - Programmer Analyst/Web
Jason M Ebensberger - Systems/Applications Administrator
Jeff Chapin - Asst Systems/Applications Administrator
Josiah H Bottelman - Programmer Analyst/ERP
Julie Heiple - Manager, BI & Reporting
Kevan Forest - Director
Kiana Rod - Systems Analyst/ERP
Kip Miller - Systems/Applications Administrator
Lisa Feldhaus - Senior Programmer Analyst/ERP
Malissa Martin - Systems Analyst/BI
Manisha Maramreddy - Programmer Analyst/BI
Mark Schauls - Systems/Applications Administrator
Masatomo Noborikawa - Systems Analyst/Web Apps
Matthew Lawson - Cloud Systems/Applications Administrator
Michael Drahaus - Programmer Analyst/Oracle ERP
Mike Holmes - Manager ERP Systems
Nancy Lindgard - Manager Specialized Systems
Nathaniel Petersen - Systems/Applications Administrator
Omar Al Fadhli - Database Administrator/Oracle
Patrick Sedlacek - Programmer Analyst/ERP
Phil Schuppert - Programmer Analyst/Web
Russel Karim - Programmer Analyst/ERP
Ryan Jaeger - Systems/Applications Administrator
Shane Fischer - Asst Systems/Applications Administrator
Tony Rath - Manager Web & BI Systems
Valerie Turner - Senior Systems Analyst/SIS
Wayne Twitchell - Assistant Database Administrator/Oracle
Yayoi Teramoto Moreland - Senior Programmer Analyst/BI
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