Accounts and Access After Leaving UNI

Your CatID grants you access to many systems and services while you are attending classes at or employed by the University of Northern Iowa. Some examples include:

  • Your UNI Google Account (Gmail, calendar, Drive, etc)
  • MyUNIverse portal 
  • Oracle eBusiness Suite (eBiz)
  • online video training

When you graduate or otherwise leave UNI (employment ends, transfer to another institution, etc) your access to services will end. This help article outlines some of the more common services and when access ends.

UNI Google Account

Access to your UNI Google account will end once you leave the university according the following schedule:

  • Students' access to their UNI Google account will end one year after their last enrollment. For example, if you graduate in May of 2019, your access to your UNI Google account will end in May of 2020.
  • Students who graduate or earn a certificate or other endorsement are eligible for a UNI Alumni account. See this help article for information on how to sign up and this one for help in transferring your data.
  • Staff who leave employment with the university will have their access expire on the day after their final day of employment. This can be delayed by 30, 60, or 90 days based on departmental need and a department head can request this extension through Human Resource Services when the PAF paperwork is being processed.
  • Faculty who leave the university keep their UNI Google accounts for 90 days by default.
  • Human Resources can modify the period of time before an account is deprovisioned.
  • Access for Emeritus faculty and staff does not change at this time.

If former employees need an extension on their Google account (for instance, a faculty member that only teaches one semester a year), the former employee should request that their UNI department email with the former employee’s information and the extension date.


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