Accessing the Voicemail Telephone User Interface

There are typically several scenarios that one might be in while trying to check their voice messages. The following three scenarios are described below: On-campus from your own phone, on-campus from a different phone, or off-campus access.

Access From Your Own Phone On-Campus

To access the UNI Voicemail system from on campus at your own extension (handset) dial 3-7600 or press the Message button on your Avaya VoIP phone. You will be prompted to enter your password. Enter your UNI Voicemail password and press the # key.

Access from On-Campus But Not Your Own Phone

If you are dialing from on-campus, but not your own phone, you can still press the Message button or dial 3-7600. When you hear the prompt for the voicemail box owner's password, press the * key. The system will then prompt for the mailbox number. Enter your extension number in the format of 3xxxx and press #.

Access from Off-Campus

If you are trying to access your messages from off-campus, dial 273-7600 to access the UNI Voicemail System. The system will first prompt you for your extension number, enter it in the format of 3xxxx and press #. Then you will next be prompted for your password. Enter your voicemail password and press #.

Note: If you need help with you voicemail password, please submit a Service Hub ticket here.


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