Virtual Reality - Learning Commons - Digital Media Hub

Virtual Reality - Rod Library - Learning Commons - Digital Media Hub
Digital Media Hub - 319-273-2945

Virtual Reality Technology is coming to the Rod Library located in the Digital Media Hub, Learning Commons this Spring 2019!

What is Virtual Reality?

  • Virtual Reality uses technology to create a simulated immersive environment. UNI will be experimenting with two types of technologies, Fully Immersive and Augmented reality.
    • Fully Immersive virtual reality places the user in a full immersive and interactive environment
    • Augmented Reality allows the user to interact with the virtual environment while still enabled to see the real world around them


Reserve Your Time

  • Availability
    • The Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens will initially be available to:
      • Current Students, Faculty, and Staff
      • Must be 18 years of age at the time of use
  • Both the Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens will be available for use in the Rod Library located in the Learning Commons at the Digital Media Hub
    • Times must be reserved by calling the Digital Media Hub two business days prior to requested time
      • You can contact the Digital Media Hub by calling - 319-273-2945
    • Check out times will be 30 minutes or 1 hour (1 hour recommended for new users)
    • A Digital Media Hub team member will be there to assist during use
    • Request an application
      • If there is an application that you would like to have installed, please contact the Digital Media Hub by calling - 319-273-2945 or fill out this online form -
      • If the requested application is not available for free, the request will be forwarded to the VR team for approval and purchase
      • All requested applications must be approved by the VR team prior to install

What to Expect During Your Scheduled Time

Schedule Your Time Now!

Please call the Digital Media Hub at 319-273-2945 with any questions about the technology or to schedule a time to experience the Oculus Rift or Microsoft HoloLens

If you are interested in using the VR technology in a class, please contact Rick Seeley at 319-273-7218


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